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How it all started


Back home in England, I used a family recipe that was handed down over the years to bake shortbread for a high school cookery exam. I still use this recipe. Now well over fifty years old, it truly gives “flavor like nothing else.” I also feel strongly that my personal touch gives Angel Lane shortbread its very special home-baked quality.


After many years of travel we settled in Alpharetta, Georgia. While I continued baking shortbread for my family, it soon became popular with our new friends and neighbors. It was then that Angel Lane Bakery became a reality.


Our family lived at Angel Cottage in Angel Lane in the rural English town of Wincanton in the county of Somerset. Following my own tradition I bake with the finest natural ingredients, including best butter, to give this shortbread a moist, melt in the mouth crumbly texture like no other.


We prepare our shortbread in small batches with special care. It is hand-kneaded, then carefully baked to a golden finish and lightly sprinkled with sugar. The warm rounds, fresh from the oven, are then divided into triangular segments, traditionally known as petticoat tails. Packed to keep its fresh-baked taste and texture, it is the ideal gift for any occasion and always compliments that cup of mid-morning coffee or a really delightful cup of afternoon tea.


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